Company Picnic Professionals


Presto Partyz was founded in 1993, with a primary focus being company picnics and employee appreciation events. Imagine having a trusted company with over 15 years experience handling every detail of your company picnic or corporate event. Presto Partyz is exactly what you are looking for! Our company picnics are truly unlike anything you have ever experienced. Presto Partyz provides unique, exciting, high energy, wild and wacky family games and team building competitions for events of all sizes. Our goal is to ensure your event is executed flawlessly while you and your picnic committee are able to relax and enjoy the day.


  • Company picnics are proven to boost employee moral
  • Picnics help build employee loyalty
  • Show appreciation for employees
  • Picnics bring families together for fellowship & fun
  • Our picnic games promote team building
  • A Presto Partyz picnic creates lasting memories

300attendeesThe company picnic is a beloved tradition with many firms. Companies often need “Team Bonding”. The company picnic offers employees a chance to let their hair down and interact with coworkers in a fun, relaxed setting. A company picnic gives you an opportunity to show your employees how much you value their contribution. It lets them know they’re an important part of a team effort and that means increased camaraderie and renewed trust, which can lead to increased productivity.

How do I start the process to book a picnic with Presto Partyz?

Planning and booking a company picnic with Presto Partyz is extremely simple. To provide you with a picnic proposal, all we need to know are 2 things:

  1. Approximately how many attendees you have had at your picnic in the past or if you have never had a picnic, we can offer a suggested attendee count based on your number of employees.
  2. Where are you planning to hold your event: The closer you hold your event to your company site, the better your attendance will be. 65% percent of our picnics are held at company sites, 30% are held at a local park in their area and 5% are held inside arena buildings. We can take a grass field and turn it into a festive atmosphere. Often times “tent, table and chair” costs can be reduced or eliminated based on what is available at your company site or Local Park.

Based on this information, we send you a “suggested” customized picnic proposal covering every detail such as entertainment, food & beverage, interactive games, staffing requirements, tents and event services. With Presto Partyz, you can benefit from over 15 years experience in producing company picnics. We have gained the knowledge of knowing how large your tent should be, how many tables and chairs you will need, what is the best mix of entertainment equipment for your number of guests and what Team Building Games are appropriate to cover all ages and personalities. Once you have reviewed our proposal, we can make adjustments based on your requests.

Will you meet with our picnic committee?

We will gladly come to your facility to offer a presentation and discuss your event in person. There is no replacement for personal contact and we value the relationships we have built with our clients.

When should we have our picnic?

There are pros and cons to weekday picnics versus weekend picnics. Company picnics held during a workday will ensure a greater attendance for employees. After all, your staff would be in the office anyway. On the other hand, weekday picnics can often make it difficult if families are involved with spouse and kid’s schedules. Our Sunday picnics actually work fantastic. We generally schedule Sunday picnics from 1:00 to 5:00. Your guests are given ample time to attend church and afterwards attend the picnic to enjoy great food & fun. Saturday’s are the most popular picnic day, however unless you book in advance, equipment and availability may be limited so be sure to book in advance.

Where should we have our picnic?

IMPORTANT! The closer you hold your event to your company site, the better your attendance will be. Since 1993, Presto Partyz has been working in conjunction with local parks in 7 states to provide corporate groups with an old-fashioned family picnic experience. Most of our picnics are held at company sites or local parks. We have found that picnic attendance drops in relation to how far away the event is held from your company site. We can take a grass field and turn it into a festive atmosphere. Companies often organize facility tours in conjunction with their annual picnic. One great thing about Presto Partyz is that we can arrange your event to be anywhere! We are 100% mobile.

Do you provide food service?

Presto Partyz has developed a reputation for providing the freshest and most delicious food in the outdoor picnic industry.

We are masters at serving large groups quickly and efficiently to avoid long lines. Check our Catering/Fun Food page for a taste of what you can expect. We grill on site 100% Angus Beef Burgers & Dogs. Our “World Famous Memphis Barbecue” is served chopped before your eyes with a secret sauce that will make your mouth water and your taste buds tingle.

What type and how much entertainment do we need?

This aspect of your event will “make it or break it”. Presto Partyz has the largest inventory of entertainment activities in our region of the country. The key to a successful picnic is having the proper mix of entertainment for all ages. Interactive game shows and contests will make the event memorable for all who attend. Whether you are participating or just watching, we guarantee you will be amused by seeing your coworkers ride motorized toilets, toss water balloons, race giant tricycles and who knows what else.

How Do I secure my picnic with Presto Partyz?

We require a 30% deposit to secure your picnic date and reserve equipment.

How far in advance should I book my event?

Most of our picnics are planned 4 to 6 months in advance, some even up to a year in advance. We do get booked solid and find ourselves occasionally in the unfortunate situation of being forced to turn down events. We will not take on more business than we can comfortably handle.

What territory do you cover?

We cover a 7 state region consisting of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri & Louisiana. Our corporate offices are located in Olive Branch, MS which is a suburb of Memphis, TN.

Promote your picnic, we’ll help!

Promotion of your picnic to employees is critical to ensure a successful event. We will send you full-color promotional posters, customized for your event. Detailed posters at various locations around your facility will assist in building enthusiasm and promoting the picnic. At that point your work is done. Now isn’t that a dream come true!

Who staffs the event?

Our professional and courteous staff will assist your guests’ with all activities, games, and food service. They will arrive with a “can do” attitude and they will supervise the entire event from set up to clean up at the end of the day. The team will be dressed in colorful Presto Partyz logo attire.

What do I have to do on the day of the event?

Our crew will take care of every detail of your event including trash clean-up at the end. You can relax enjoy the day with friends and family.

Do I have to use Presto Partyz for everything & can I make changes?

We can handle every detail or we can compliment existing activities. You are always free to make last minute changes to your event, just ask!

Top 10 reasons to Choose Presto Partyz…

  • 10. We cover 7 states providing “On Time” delivery, set-up & execution of your event in an orderly fashion.
  • 9. Professional staff with servant attitude, uniformed appearance & safety trained.
  • 8. Clean equipment in excellent shape with liability insurance coverage.
  • 7. We come to you providing a festive atmosphere with music & decorations.
  • 6. Fantastic food prepared “fresh on site”.
  • 5. Innovator of “Environmentally Responsible Picnics”.
  • 4. Largest and most diversified inventory of entertainment equipment for all ages in our region.
  • 3. Promotional posters provided to help advertise your picnic and boost attendance.
  • 2. Based on over 15 years experience, we offer recommendations for calculating the number of attendees to expect at your picnic, the proper tent/table/chair sizing and the best mix of entertainment for all ages.
  • 1. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL gives your picnic committee the opportunity to relax and enjoy the event.