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  • GIANT Movie Screen

    GIANT Movie Screen

    Our GIANT projection screen is 22 feet tall x 30 feet wide (will fit inside gym)! The jumbo size, inflatable frame is fitted with a screen that can be seen from far away. Our high intensity projectors display a crystal clear image. We meet the challenge of providing cinema quality sound outdoors using state of the art line array speaker systems and Dolby processing equipment. Everyone will feel like they are on the front row.

               College Movie Night Series    Movies In The Park

                   Movie 4    Ballpark Movie Night


    • College Movie Night
    • Employee Movie Night
    • Movie in the Park Series
    • Screen on the Green Golf Course Promotion
    • Car Dealership Advertisement
    • All Night Gym Lock-Ins for Youth Groups
    • Neighborhood Block Party

    Our goal is nothing less than the complete satisfaction of every customer and member of your audience. Our hands-on, full-service solution for your Outdoor Movie production or event is designed to provide the kind of audience experience that will thrill.

    Area Required: 34’W x 10’L x 22’H
    Electrical: (1) 20amp Circuit

    Please submit your comments to us at

    “Movie night was a big success! Our students seemed to really be impressed by the presentation on the big screen. I am going to propose to the student activities board that we show movies on a regular basis.”

    “Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that the giant movie screen is working wonderfully! Our attendance for our “Movies in the Park” series has grown tremendously due to the inflatable screen. The screen drops jaws every time people see it for the first time.”

    “I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the movie screen for the “Field of Dreams” benefit movie night. The picture and the sound were amazingly clear! It was a perfect night to watch a movie on a baseball field.”

    “Movie night was a huge hit thanks to you guys. Tell your staff thanks for the help with chairs, they were great! We will be having movie night at the college on a quarterly basis. Please call me to set up a schedule.

  • Game Shows

    Game Shows

    Our professional game show systems create excitement, promote interaction and are guaranteed to make your next event memorable and fun for everyone. Our systems have electronic scoring, flashing lights, and sound effects. We highly recommend incorporating our Money Machine into your game show experience. Reward the winners of each game show with a chance to grab for cash.

    Presto Partyz game shows can be customized to compliment your event. Our professional game show hosts will capture the audience’s attention and fill the air with laughter and amusement. Game shows are highly successful for:

    Company Picnics
    Corporate Meetings
    Christmas Parties
    Safety Training
    High School Graduation Parties

    Game Show 20 Web

    Christmas Party

    Christmas Party

    Intense Action

    Intense Action

    Conference & Expo Entertainment thickbox

    Conference & Expo Entertainment


        “Game Show Mania” (How it works)

    “Game Show Mania” is similar to the TV show Jeopardy. There are 3 podiums the contestants stand behind. The contestant podiums have microphones, electronic scoring and flashing lights. We recommend 2 person teams, however, there are ways to incorporate more players if desired. Our game show host asks general trivia questions with many of the questions incorporating sound clips played over the loud speakers. If you would like, you may add questions relative to your company or training. When a contestant thinks they know the correct answer, they hit a buzzer on their booth, lights flash and they answer into the microphone. If they get it correct, they receive 100 points, incorrect we take away 50 points. The first team to reach 500 points is declared the winner and now has a chance to enter the money machine and grab for cash. The games are fast paced, humorous and highly entertaining for those watching as well as playing. It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to play a game show in this format.

  • Money Machines

    Money Machines

    Money Machines are a super exciting promotion for trade shows, employee appreciation events, graduation parties and more. Nationwide rentals are available!

     Nationwide shipping for Trade Shows and Conventions!

    Money Machine 4 web size   UA MM Model at Shop    money-machine 

    Our Money Machine is the highest quality machine on the market. Located at the top of the machine is an LED Electronic Display to custom program your message. Polished stainless steel trim and multicolor rope lighting create an amazing glow. A digital timer is set on 20 seconds but can easily be changed. The oval design offers 360 degree visibility and it fits through standard 32” doorways.

    • Trade Show Booth, Convention

    • Car Dealership

    • Bank

    • Casino

    • Grand Opening

  • Rock Climbing Wall

    Rock Climbing Wall

    Our 24’ Rock Climbing Wall is great for all ages. It’s a challenge for novice and experts alike. The climbing wall is equipped with an “auto belay system” which ensures the safety of the climber. We use crowd control stanchions & rope around the perimeter of the wall. Those reaching the top will receive a feeling of accomplishment.

    Area Required: 10’W x 30’L x 24’H / set up on grass or concrete on relatively flat area

     Electrical: None

    Climbing Wall            Climbing Wall 3

  • Bungee Trampoline Jump (2 Person)

    Bungee Trampoline Jump (2 Person)

    How would you like to be able to jump up to 20 feet in the air on a trampoline, turn flips, and never worry about your safety? Our trailer mounted dual trampolines enable you to do just that! A harness is strapped to your waist with bungee cords attached. As you begin to jump, your height is slowly increased until you feel like you’re suspended in the clouds. This activity can be enjoyed by all ages.

    Area Required: 25’W x 10’L x 24’H

     Electrical: (1) 20amp Circuit

    Bungee Tramp 8             Bungee Tramp 2

  • NASCAR Slot Car Racing

    NASCAR Slot Car Racing

    Our Commercial Size Portable Slot Car Track is a huge attraction for all ages. The 4 lane race track is 16 feet long x 8 feet wide. Lap counters enable participants to determine the winner. Teenagers and adults regulate the speed of their car with a trigger throttle. Younger participants can enjoy the race with a regulated throttle to control the speed of their car so it will remain on the track. Race car themes are available decorated in NASCAR, Formula 1 IndyCar or Sportscar. The track features awesome details such as pit garages with real miniature pit crews, grandstands with miniature spectators and 18 wheel car haulers.

    Area Required: 20’W x 15’L

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit   

     Slot Car 11        Slot Car       

     Slot Car 1        Slot Car 5

  • Race Car Simulator

    Race Car Simulator

    Now is your opportunity to travel over 200 mph in a NASCAR or IndyCar simulated thrill ride. Competitors each sit in fiberglass race cars, looking ahead at a 10 feet wide projection screen. They will then compete at Talladega Superspeedway in a virtual 4 lap race to the checkered flag. Sound is amplified through a 150 watt receiver for a realistic effect. . The system is set up under a 10 x 20 black tent with racing décor and surround sound stereo effects.

    Area Required: 10’W x 20’L

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

    Race Car Simulator 3

  • Toilet Racers

    Toilet Racers

    You will not be able to stop the laughter once the race begins. Our industrial strength toilet racers are guaranteed to create humorous conversation and wise crack comments. We use these for outdoor picnics, colleges, corporate team building events and in the ballroom at a convention. These are extremely durable injection molded plastic toilets that are battery operated. The throttle is located on the handle bar and they move quickly. They are not to be used for children under the age of 12 years old. This is true: Our toilets came from the country of New Zealand at a cost of $3,200 each.   

    Area Required: Approximately 20’ Wide x 60′ Long / we can also create a course with orange cones in a variety of settings, even in the ballroom at a convention

     There is a 220lb weight limit on riders

    Toilet Racing 10     toilets 6   Toilets 8

  • Pit Stop Challenge

    Pit Stop Challenge

    See if you have what takes to be a member of the Pit Crew. Two participants see who can change a tire the fastest. We use real air impact wrenches for the lug nuts with a stop watch to determine the winner.

    Area Required:10’W x 10’L

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

    Pit Stop      Pit Stop 2

  • Ironman Challenge Obstacle Course

    Ironman Challenge Obstacle Course

    The 20′ tall Ironman Challenge is usually the centerpiece for an event. It is our most eye-catching piece of equipment. Two opponents face a challenging race that covers over 85 feet and includes obstacle walls, squeeze plays, tunnel crawls, etc… This activity is popular at team building events, colleges and High Schools. It is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. This activity is not suitable for kids under 5 years of age.

    Area Required: 25’W x 35’L x 20’H

    Electrical: (3) 20amp 110v circuit

    Ironman     Event Photo 21

  • Robo Surfer

    Robo Surfer

    Catch the Robo Surfer wave. Robo Surfer is a full-size surfboard mounted on a heavy-duty motorized control unit that moves in six directions. It’s surrounded by a 13’x15′ air cushion ocean to maximize safety in case of wipeouts. Its speed is operator controlled to accommodate all skill levels. Men and women have equal success on Robo Surfer because it requires agility, coordination and hip movement rather than brute strength. This activity can be enjoyed by all ages.

    Area Required: 15’W x 20’L x 18’H

    Electrical: (2) 20amp 110v circuit

    Robo Surfer      Robo Surfer 3

  • Karaoke / Disc Jockey

    Karaoke / Disc Jockey

    No matter what type of event you are planning, we can assure you will experience outstanding professional entertainment with Presto Partyz. Our DJ’s don’t just play tunes, they interact with your guests to ensure everyone has a memorable experience. We can suggest ways to promote interaction and group participation at your event. Our Karaoke show is second to none. We have a library of over 5,000 songs to choose from for every age group. Here is a great way to add a unique twist to your Karaoke party. Using our extensive inventory of electronic equipment, projectors and movie screens, we created “Video Karaoke”. We use green screen technology to transpose the person or group singing into a live video. They are projected onto a giant screen for all to see and hear. The participant is also given a copy of their amazing performance to share with family, friends and music producers.

    karaoke-7    Karaoke 8

  • Laser Shot

    Laser Shot

    This is a virtual reality hunting or target shooting activity. Use a laser rifle or pistol to measure your score against other competitors. Hunters are attracted to Laser Shot like ducks to water. We use a projector, lap top computer, and a 10’ wide movie screen to give you an almost real image of duck hunting, skeet shooting, target shooting and more. This activity is for use outdoors after sunset or indoors only. Rays from the sun can affect the infrared camera eye.

    Area Required: 10’W x 15’L This activity is for use outdoors after sunset or indoors only.
    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit
    laser-shot-3      laser shot simulator

  • Boom Blaster

    Boom Blaster

    Get ready, get set, GO!! Competitors vigorously pump the T-handle on a Boom Tower to inflate their balloon. As the balloon expands, it presses into sharp popping needles inside the arc, and — BOOM! – we have a winner. Boom Blasters is great for teambuilding and company picnics. Adults enjoy the challenge as much as the kids.

    Area Required: 10’W x 10’L
    Electrical: None

                 boom-blaster-2          Boom Blaster 5


  • Ironman Challenge Obstacle Course

    Ironman Challenge Obstacle Course

    The 20′ tall Ironman Challenge is usually the centerpiece for an event. It is our most eye-catching piece of equipment. Two opponents face a challenging race that covers over 85 feet and includes obstacle walls, squeeze plays, tunnel crawls, etc… This activity is popular at team building events, colleges and High Schools. It is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. This activity is not suitable for kids under 5 years of age.

    Area Required: 25’W x 35’L x 20’H

    Electrical: (3) 20amp 110v circuit

    Ironman     Event Photo 21

  • Superman Challenge Obstacle Course

    Superman Challenge Obstacle Course

    The 18’ tall Superman is an awesome sight. This is an inflatable obstacle course that will be as exciting to see as it is to attempt. Participants enter into a series of obstacles and exit with a slide. It is similar to the Ironman, but not quite as large.

    Area Required: 15’W x 30’L x 18’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

                    Superman 3          Superman 2

  • Giant Slide

    Giant Slide

    This is truly a GIANT slide! It is fun for all ages and a big hit at any event. You will get a rush when sliding down our 24’ steep inflated lane. Our giant slide handles a large amount of participants and we recommend it for every event.
    Area Required: 15’W x 30’L x 24’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

                                                                                                                               Giant Slide

  • Airborne Adventure

    Airborne Adventure

    The Airborne Adventure is a one-of-a-kind inflatable attraction that allows your guests to experience life in the clouds! The game has an inner capsule where the participant is harnessed. A flick of the switch sends them high into the air, almost 20 feet above the ground, for a bird’s eye view of the entire event! Once the blower is turned off, the participant is gently lowered back to Earth for a safe and soft landing. Its rocket ship-like shape and bright red, blue, yellow and green theme will attract guests from far and wide. This activity has a 150lb weight limit for participants.

    Area Required: 15’W x 15’L x 21’H

    Electrical: (2) 20amp 110v circuit

              airborne adventure 2         airb adven

  • Radar Speed Pitch

    Radar Speed Pitch

    How hard can you pitch a fastball? Participants throw a baseball into a netted cage with a color banner as the backdrop. The speed of their pitch is calculated and displayed using precise radar equipment.

    Area Required: 15’W x 20’L x 15’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

             Speed Pitch 5          Speed Pitch Gun 4

  • Basketball Shoot Out

    Basketball Shoot Out

    Two participants see who can make the most baskets with our double goal units. We’ve heard you talk about it – now let’s see it.

    Area Required: 15’W x 20’L x 15’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

            basketball          Basketball 7

  • Bungee Run

    Bungee Run

    This will create as much laughter as it will fun. Wearing harnesses attached to thick bungee cords, two participants run down 35-foot long inflatable runways. Stretching as far as possible, each contestant then places a Velcro baton on a strip to show the farthest point they reached before the inevitable slingshot effect hurls them backwards.

    Area Required: 10’W x 35’L x 9’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

    Bungee Run 2

  • Pedestal Joust

    Pedestal Joust

    Made popular on “American Gladiators.” Contestants stand on padded pedestals and swing oversized foam-padded jousting sticks to knock their opponent off their perch. Balance and craftiness can be more important than brute strength. The inflated mattress and raised side walls make this event safe for all.

    Area Required: 24’W x 16’L x 5’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

             Pedestal Joust 3       Pedestal Joust

  • Soccer Shoot Out

    Soccer Shoot Out

    Europeans call it football. Americans call it soccer. Everyone calls it fun! Two participants battle it out to see who can kick the most goals within an allotted amount of time. Soccer Shoot Out can be transformed into a football toss if preferred.

    Area Required: 15’W x 19’L x 16’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

    Soccer Shoot Out 3

  • Standard Obstacle Challenge

    Standard Obstacle Challenge

    Our Standard Obstacle Course for younger kids offers 30 feet of challenging obstacle entertainment in one unit. This inflatable play structure takes participants on a journey crawling through tunnels, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with stamina-building climbing and descending along the way! The unit has mesh windows for easy viewing.

    Area Required: 12’W x 30’L x 12’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

                Standard Obstacle Challenge 2         Standard Obstacle Challenge

  • Chuggy Choo Choo

    Chuggy Choo Choo

    The Chuggy Choo Choo is an adorable inflatable kids train that offers 55 feet of railway entertainment, with plenty of details inside for aspiring train engineers. A bounce area allows for jumping fun, a mountain climb and slide adds adventure, and a pop-up bed helps teach coordination. Train controls and appliqués give a real train-ride experience in this inflatable game. The 360-degree mesh “windows” allow for parents and spectators to have a clear view of all the activity.

    Area Required: 50’W x 18’L x 10’H

    Electrical: (2) 20amp 110v circuit

            Chuggy Choo Choo 6 (Compressed        CHUGGY CHOO CHOO ENTRANCE

  • Sally The Sea Serpent

    Sally The Sea Serpent

    Sally The Sea Serpent is an inflatable maze for kids that offers 55 feet of fun entertainment. The inflatable play structure takes participants up a climb and down a slide and past pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. Clear windows let parents peek in on the activity.

    Area Required: 50’W x 18’L x 10’H

    Electrical: (2) 20amp 110v circuit

    Sally The Sea Serpent

  • Tee Ball Challenge

    Tee Ball Challenge

    Batter up! Contestants step up to the plate and swing away at a ball that is magically floating in the air. Whether it is a homerun or an out, will be determined by where the ball is hit.

    Area Required: 12’W x 15’L x 10’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

                    Tee Ball Challenge 1        Tee Ball Challenge 3

  • Dino Kiddie Zone

    Dino Kiddie Zone

    This activity was designed with the toddler in mind. Your youngsters are sure to enjoy all of the colorful obstacles they will encounter to keep them busy.

    Area Required: 25’W x 17’L x 8’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

              Dino Kiddie Zone (Compressed)          Dino Kiddie Zone 3

  • Moonbounce


    An inflatable mattress you can bounce on until your heart is content. After this your kids are sure to get a good nights sleep. We do not let children over the age of 7 in our Moonbounces and we limit the number of jumpers to 5 at a time. All of our equipment is supervised at all times.

    Area Required: 15’W x 15’L x 16’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

    Moonbounce 3

  • Business Promotions

    We have some great ideas for promoting your business or event. Our eye catchers such as Sky Dancers and Giant Event Entrances are guaranteed to draw attention. The Funny Money Machine and Prize Wheel are the perfect promotion for car dealerships, banks, casinos, trade shows and grand openings.

    Draw traffic to your booth at the next trade show.
    Who doesn’t like a chance to grab for cash?
    Prospects that sign up or place an order get a shot in The Funny Money Machine.

    Make your next promotion memorable for all participants.
    Our Money Machines are always a hit. Give us a call, we can share ideas proven successful.

    skydancer Arch 4
    Sky Dancers and our Giant Event Entrance will draw attention to your event or promotion
    wheel1 wheel-2 wheel-31
    The Fun Wheel is a great way to give participants a chance to win.
    Our prize wheel can be customized using erasable markers to display the theme.

    Games & More

  • Carnival Games

    Carnival Games

    We have many carnival games for all occasions. Company picnic games for kids or great ideas for college students, we have it all! Each game is enclosed in a carnival tent and prizes are awarded to winners. Popular with college students and adults, winners of each game receive a ticket good for prize drawings at the end of the event.

    Each game enclosed in 8’W x 8’L Carnival Tent

     Carnival Game 5   Carnival Game 2 Jungle Hunt   Carnival Game 10

  • Pitch Burst / Dunk Tank

    Pitch Burst / Dunk Tank

    Works much better than traditional style Dunk Tank. A huge water balloon is suspended above persons head. Participants toss a ball at a target to activate popping the water balloon, soaking the person seated below. We can provide a rain poncho so only their head will be soaked. We recommend this in place of a traditional Dunk Tank because the person being soaked does not have to go completely under water. The game is safe (nobody falls into water; it falls on them). It can even be used indoors with a kiddie pool to catch the water.

    Area Required: 15’W x 20’L

    Pitch Burst 3   Pitch Burst (Compressed)   Pitch Burst 4

  • Prize Wheels

    Prize Wheels

    See the excitement build before your eyes as the big wheel spins. Our custom wheels can be designed to fit your theme or brand. Using erasable markers, you can easily change your prize levels. Prize wheels work great with money machine promotions and are popular with car dealerships, casinos and trade shows.

         Wheel 2    Wheel    Money Machine 4

  • Bingo

    Company picnics are not the same without bingo. Our company picnics are designed for “One Call – We Do It All”. The only thing you are responsible for is bringing 15 to 20 bingo prizes and enjoying your day, we do the rest. The reason you bringing the prizes is that companies vary as to the level of value placed on their bingo prizes.

    Bingo 3

  • Spin Tee Machine

    Spin Tee Machine

    Personalize a shirt with our new Spin Tee Machine. We place a tee shirt on the big wheel and as it spins you squirt paints onto the fabric to create your own masterpiece. Picaso would be proud of the designs created by Spin Tee.

    Area Required: 10’W x 10’L

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

                    Spin Tee 2     Spin Tee 4

  • Spin Art Machine

    Spin Art Machine

    Spin Art has been popular for years. We place a 5 x 7 canvas card into the machine and as it spins you squirt paints onto the card to create your own masterpiece. The card is placed in a frame and is yours to keep. Our unit can accommodate 2 participants at the same time.

    Area Required: 10’W x 10’L

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

                   Spin Art 4      Spin Art 2

  • Big Foot Races

    Big Foot Races

    Teambuilding has never been more fun! Two teams mount onto the giant 8’ long feet. When we say “on your mark, get set, go”, each team must work together to cross the finish line.

    Area Required: 20’W x 30’L

    Big foot 2

  • Monster Trike Races

    Monster Trike Races

    These hilarious over-sized trikes are great for corporate team building events. They create camaraderie, togetherness and great photo ops. Three competitors relay race for all they’re worth around the track toward the finish line. Great fun for both participants and spectators and always a hit.

    Area Required: 20’W x 40’L or race around perimeter of ball room at your next conference

    Monster Trikes Named

  • Picnic Challenges

    Picnic Challenges

    We have great games and encourage participation at your picnic or event. You name it, Water Balloon Toss, Egg Toss, Tug-O-War, Relay Races & more, we have the games and equipment to make your event memorable for all that attend.

                    Game 5    Game 7


    What workplace is free of tension and conflict as people of varied backgrounds, attitudes and approaches strive to work together? Under pressure, who hasn’t fallen into ruts and routines? But, working harder isn’t always better. Instead, through play, we can help your group discover new ways of interacting. A disparate group then evolves into a cohesive unit and barriers fall away. Individuals renew their creativity, resolve and thereby effectiveness. Meanwhile, everyone’s having fun! Game participants explore on a friendly, level playing field. Free of job titles, people can transcend stereotypes and reveal sides of themselves that are buried at work. New ways of relating emerge. People begin appreciating qualities and talents in their co-workers’ they didn’t see before. While our games deepen connections, they also provide hilarious and enduring memories. Our skilled facilitators kindle exhilaration from the moment teams are picked. Once the Olympic music begins, our announcer warms up the crowd. Our staff’s contagious energy naturally mobilizes people into action. As team members rip, roll and race toward their goals, points tally up. By the games’ finale, the clear message is that humor crosses all boundaries.

  • The Great American Rat Race

    The Great American Rat Race

    Cheer your battery operated rat to the finish line. This game will create tons of laughter and excitement. When we tell participants the rats are “voice activated”, the screaming begins. At company picnics, we have the 7 contestants name the department their rat represents and state the name of their rat. Some rats are named after friends, bosses and co-workers.

    Area Required: 10’W x 10’L

       Rat Race   rat-race-3   Rat Race 4 Named

  • Balloon Artist

    Balloon Artist

    Our balloon artists can make air filled latex come to life right before your eyes. Gifted twisters can create hats, flowers, swords and even Santa Claus. They are guaranteed to be personable and a delight to your guests.

  • Face Painting

    Face Painting

    Our face painters will turn your face into a work of art. Always friendly and guaranteed to impress your guests.

  • Caricature Artist

    Our caricature artists take live caricature art to a new level, creating lightning quick cartoons that manage to be funny and flattering at the same time. They will amazingly capture the character and spirit of your guests. Whether you are planning a corporate event, holiday party or trade show, Presto Partyz can pencil you in.Caricature Artist

  • Costume Characters

    Costume Characters

    Costume character entertainers for all occasions. Believe it or not, Presto Partyz started in 1993 when the owner rented a Barney ‘”look a like” costume and performed one of his kids birthday parties. You just never know what the Lord has in store.

  • Company Picnic Family Photos

    Company Picnic Family Photos

    Offer a personal touch to your next company picnic or Christmas Party. We can provide your guests with take home photos right there on the spot. We can even put your company logo and artwork on the photo.

    Family 6

  • Horseshoes / Volleyball

    Horseshoes / Volleyball

    Friendly competition can be fun for everyone. We provide sand pits for horseshoes and volleyball can be set up on any grass or sandy surface.


    Coming Soon

    Since 1993, Presto Partyz has been a leader in providing unique and innovative ideas to the special events industry. We have either purchased or intend to purchase the activities below. Please contact us to check inventory if there is an item of interest, it may be in stock.

  • Wrecking Ball

    Wrecking Ball

    Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s extreme! It’s the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the “Wrecking Ball” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the “wrecking Ball” swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.

  • First N’ Goal

    First N’ Goal

    The First n Goal is a reverse bungee where the two contestants battle against each other. The bungee cord runs through the middle tower and is attached to each of the two contestants using harnesses. They pull against each other to see whose strength and shot abilities are greater. The first to make a goal is the winner. Great interactive fun for a teen group or corporate event.

    Area Required: 14’W x 31’L x 7’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp 110v circuit

  • RC Rally

    RC Rally

    The RC Rally lets contestants race to the finish line with 250 feet of face-paced, race track action. Up to four players can race up to four radio-controlled cars at one time through obstacles and tough terrains. Players can actually stand in the center of the track for a 360-degree view of the entire race, as they maneuver around turns and under archways; all the way past the black-and-white checkered flag for the big finish. With all the excitement, this RC Rally will attract plenty of potential racers and cheering onlookers for hours of race-time fun.

    Area Required: 30’W x 47’L x 8’H

    Electrical: (1) 20amp Circuit

  • Gone Fish-N Giant Slide

    This slide towers in at 25’ tall and is an awesome sight. Did I tell you about the one that got away? Leroy got more than he bargained for while fishing on the Mississippi River last week. It seems that a 50’ Great White shark had worked its way up from the gulf and had Leroy’s boat for breakfast. Leroy managed to get this photo of the Big Monster as it breached out of the water devouring Leroy’s new fishing boat and motor. As to what happened to Leroy, we just don’t know.

    Area Required: 22’W x 33’L x 25’H

    Electrical: (2) 20amp Circuit

  • Speed Racer 5-in-One Kids Combo

    Speed Racer 5-in-One Kids Combo

    The Speed Racer 5-in-1 combo bounce house is the ultimate in inflatable jumpers! The large interior jumping area offers a basketball hoop and pop-up obstacles. This bouncy castle has a climb feature and a convenient exit slide for hours of active fun! Glossy, digital artwork features Speed Racer’s car, Mach 5 and Racer X’s vehicle. Parents and spectators are offered a clear view through the 360-degree mesh sides. This 5-in-1 bouncy house is sure to make any indoor or outdoor event a great success!

  • Toddler Mini Jump & Ball Pond

    Toddler Mini Jump & Ball Pond

    The Mini Jump and Ball Pond combo bounce house brings together an inflatable jumper with a ball pit for plenty of bouncing activity and motor skill fun. A horizontal log separates the ball pit from the large jumping area, so players can choose whichever activity they want. A bright color scheme is enhanced by four tall towers in each corner, making this bounce house an inviting draw at your event.

    Area Required: 9’W x 13’L x 8’H
    Electrical: (1) 20amp Circuit